Terms and conditions

– The applicant must be at least 21 years old

– Not to use the SBMMA trademark in any publications without the approval of the association’s official administration via its website and the contact numbers shown therein or contact the marketing department via e-mail info@awasul.com

– The association’s trade name can be requested to be used with prior official approval from the association’s administration.

– Any amendment to the membership certificate leads to cancellation of the membership and the beneficiary has no right to ask for another certificate.

– The association’s membership certificate is delivered after 48 hours of the payment procedures are completed and payment is confirmed through the online system. In the event that the certificate is delayed, please contact us directly with the association’s management or via email at info@awasul.com

– The membership certificate is sent electronically without the need to print it as hard copy.

– In the case of requesting a membership certificate to be printed, this will result in administration fees, as well as any fees if it needs to be send mail. Request should be made by sending an email to info@awasul.com

– The holder can benefit from membership by attending SBMMA scientific forums for free.